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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

6 Years Old?!? Boy how the time flies!!

Here I am, attempting to start posting again.  Hopefully with the triplets all starting Kindergarten in a few weeks I'll actually have some time to keep up with things like this again?!?  So since I wasn't able to go back and update on the past year like I had hoped to, I'll just start from here and fill in as needed. : )

July was a very busy month, we went to NY over the 4th to see daddy's side of the family, the week of the 15th Mady and John had Safety Town ( a very cool local program for those entering Kindergarten that focuses on fire/stranger/poison and overall safety), the 17th Annabel, Madelyn, and Johnathan turned 6 years old.  How can that be already?!?  It truly has gone way too fast!  The trio had their well child visit and all are doing well.  Mady and John did have their daily inhaler switched from Flovent to Qvar to hopefully allow them to grow a little more, especially height-wise.  Almost 3 weeks ago Annabel underwent an intensive potty training day at the clinic her ABA therapists work at (more on that in a bit) and thus far she has been going successfully on the potty multiple times a day but is still having fairly frequent accidents, often small drips that once her potty alarm goes off she stops and then finishes on the potty.  Hoping this improves soon so we're (especially her) not homebound much longer! 

In July Mady and John participated in a gymnastics session in which one of their good friends from Junior Kindergarten (JK) was in, they were so excited!  Annabel had her frequent ABA sessions (currently at home 2 days a week and at ESY the other 3 days) and her weekly outside OT.  Johnathan had his weekly speech (he's made great gains this summer!).  To update on Annabel, this past fall we ended up having her tested for autism and she did receive a diagnosis for ASD.  In March she started an intensive ABA home-based therapy and what a difference it has made!  She is learning PECs and is able to use her pictures for communication (verbal has also increased), she's learning to wait and accept no (still a work in progress but way better than it was), matching, people identification, appropriate toy play, social interaction (ring around the rosie, playing ball, etc with siblings and other peers), and now toilet training.  We can't speak highly enough for what ABA and specifically her therapists and BCBAs have done for her/us!  The intensity of her negative behaviors were leading down a bad path for our family and she's so much happier and calmer now as are all of us. Very excited to see what the next 6 months will bring for her!

Katherine amazes us - all the things she's learning, saying, doing.  Seeing the "typical" way of development just makes us think how hard it all is/was for the trio and honestly makes us sad at times for them.  She has learned so much from watching her older siblings, both good and bad of course!  She is a very spirited little one too (all 4 of our kids are very strong-willed, just like mommy and daddy)!  She's definitely more shy than the trio were but I'm ok with that, she'll outgrow it soon enough.

This past weekend we had the trios and Kate's b-day parties.  BJ's family was in from NY and the kids had a ball with their cousin Austin, missing him already!  We had Annabel's ABA therapist come for the party so there would be someone will full attention on her for potty training and to work on her participation with the party and with social interactions with her peers.  She actually opened gifts and was overall very happy, by far the best party she's had in years!  On Sunday we took Mady and John to their first Tigers baseball game, what a great game!  Perfect weather, lots of fun, and of course the 12th inning win made it very memorable!  Here's some pictures from the weekend (more to come, having problems posting pics).



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March for Babies 2013

Only 26 days left until March for Babies!  We have raised $498 thus far, about half-way to our goal of $1000. Can you help us reach our goal?  As you know we have supported March of Dimes since the triplets were born, knowing that some of the research and technology developed by them were instrumental in helping our babies live.  Any donation is greatly appreciated!  Thanks so much!

Here's a reminder of how far these little miracles have come...

 Johnathan, Annabel, Madelyn

Thank you March of Dimes for helping save babies like us!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Blog Gone?

I can't believe it's been over a year since I made my last post!  I *think* I am finally read to get back to posting regularily.  I miss it (it can be a good stress reliever writing your thoughts/feelings, let alone the connections I've made with others that have led to friendships as well as input on things for the kdis) and I need to do it because it's the best way for me to have a journal of our lives so that someday I can actually put these things into a scrapbook for the kids.  So my plan is to catch up on the past year while also keeping up on this year, we'll see how it goes!  I'll keep posting a month at a time from this past year to hopefully catch up on what what was a busy but fun 2012!

January flew by so fast!  It was a huge month for Katherine, she finally took off walking and is now running to catch up to the big kids!  She's also saying more and more words everyday (mama, dada, doggie, down, done, hi, bye, that, and blows kisses, says moo and baa).  It is amazing watching her grow and develop and see how it's supposed to be for a "typically" developing child.  There's so many things that she either just knows how to do or we just have to show her once or twice and she's mastered it compared to needing to show it over and over for the trio.  We are so thankful that we were able to have this experience!

Here's some pictures of Kate playing (she loves to be Dr. Kate), being her silly self (trying on siblings hats - John's fit her, Mady's are too small), enjoying some yummy treats like doughnuts and spaghetti, and her getting into a standing position.

 Annabel had a very good month overall. She did some amazing things - feeding herself ice cream with a spoon, having some great therapy sessions in which she showed us how much she does know/can do (what's frustrating is that this isn't her norm, on "good" days it's amazing what all she does but unfortunately she has "bad" days more often than good), and some great days at school!  Here's Anna feeding herself ice cream and our silly girl with crazy hair from rocking on the couch (one of the things she does to support her sensory needs).

Mady and John both received their report cards for the 1st half of the year of JK and they have both developed and grown so much since the start of school!  Knowing their letters, writing their full names, beginning of reading, their cutting and coloring has improved immensely!  We are just so proud of them and so happy with the decisions we made regarding schooling!  It was a tough decision but we decided to keep Annabel in their ECP preschool room one more year, start John and Mady in half day Junior Kindergarten and in the morning John goes to the Hearing Impaired (HI) room and then Mady meets up with him.  3 of the 5 days Mady goes to a local preschool so she can have more time with "typically" developing kids and also time w/out John - this has proven to be very beneficial to her!  The plan is that next fall all 3 will start Kindergarten together, although Annabel will be at a different school because she will need to be in the Cognitively Impaired (CI) room and Johnathan needs the HI room which is at a different elementary. So although the schedule is crazy getting everyone where they need to be, on/off buses, etc. it has been so worth it and we are so thankful that our district offers the services the kids need! 

John and Mady have both been into wanting to help in the kitchen as much as possible lately.  They love making pizza with daddy, making things with Mady's Easy Bake oven she got for Christmas, and anytime baking is involved they are right there!

Mady also participated in a fun Pom Pon clinic at our local high school.  It consisted of a couple practices with the high school girls and then they performed at half-time during one of the Varsity boys basketball games.  She has so much fun doing it!  There were a couple other girls from the neighborhood and her school who did it too, making it even more fun!

All of the kids made some great crafts/presents for us over the holidays in their classrooms, here's one of the ones made by John in the HI room - I love getting all these special things!

We had one snow day last month (I was worried at first that Anna wouldn't be happy being home) but it turned out good!  We made cookies (pics above) and I had all 4 kids at the table coloring (Mady and John are really big into stenciling/drawing and cutting things out right now) - this wouldn't have happened for Anna even 6 months ago!  Granted, she's still in the zip and zoom stage but it's huge progress from where she was, either breaking the crayons or putting them in her mouth or not even wanting to sit to color!  I love when we have moments like this!

In January we celebrated my dad's birthday.  Here's a pic of him and the kids.  He also surprised John, his Woody figure from Toy Story stopped working (it was a garage sale find) and Grandpa found him an excellent condition one at a second hand store (it was hidden in his coat) - John was SO happy!!

So that's the update for January.  Hopefully I'll be on again soon! : ) 
- Jamie